Registration, Peering and IAX2 explained

SIP Registration

“Registration” is used to connect IP phones and some IP-PBX machines to our hosted cloud PBX using a UserName and Password to authenticate access.

Required Settings

  • 1. UserName: [phone number] eg 612898085001
  • 2. Password: account or line
  • 3. Proxy: + Port: 5060


SIP Peering

Enables a direct trusted network-to-network connection between your IP-PBX and our voice public IP. The main advantage of Peering is greater flexibility of number routing within your onsite-PBX. To use Peering you will require a static WAN IP address.


While IAX fans claim a number of advantages over SIP including greater bandwidth efficiency, layer2 and layer3 separation between signaling and audio and claimed advantages to navigate NATS there are now just as many on the SIP side will argue many of the advantages are historical. In many respects we support IAX2-Registration. For those requiring IAX2 peering, we recommend SIP Peering.

See also Ports and IPs