Auto Attendant IVR

Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist that can both greet and redirect all inbound calls to other departments.

With Auto Attendant you can:

  • Greeting only: play the greeting message then post dial any lower priority features such as Call Queue or Hunt groups (see – Greeting Only below).
  • Call Forward: redirect the calls to other departments following the initial greeting message (eg press #1 for sales, #2 Accounts…etc).
  • Set a time for response time, before the Auto Attend message replays.
  • Choose how many times to replay Auto Attend message, before the calls get directed to the number Auto Attend is set up on.
  • Use time schedules to set when your auto attendant in be active.
Setting up Auto Attendant – Greeting Only
  1. Log in to your Account.
  2. Select Switchboard.
  3. Select Your Number.
  4. Select Inbound.
  5. Toggle Auto Attendant.
  6. Record a greeting, or Upload a file.
  7. Select Active and a time frame.
  8. Select Caller response time (in seconds).
  9. Select Repeat Greeting.
  10. Set “Connect to your number as normal…..” to enable post-dialing.
  11. Select Save to save all changes.
Setting up Auto Attendant with Call Forwarding
  1. Follow the above steps for Auto Attendant, Greeting Only.
  2. Select caller options and redirect them to a nominated phone number.
  3. Toggle Extension Dialling (if required).
  4. Select press for extension (if required).
  5. Select Save to save all changes.


Note: If you are planning on using extension think about creating cohesion with your extension dialling numbers.